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Appellate Law

The skills required for a successful appellate lawyer are similar, thought distinct, from those of a successful trial lawyer. The appellate attorney must be an effective written and oral advocate. They must understand and appreciate the framing of specific legal issues which will be of interest to the appellate judges on appeal, while also understanding the areas of sympathy and justice which can be touched upon and those which should be avoided.

The lawyers at Ethridge Quinn who handle appeals understand these critical nuances. Their success is evident not only by the appeals where they were trial counsel but also those referred to the firm by outside counsel to handle the appeal. Our attorneys understand and implement the research required, direct and persuasive writing, and the delivery of a convincing oral argument. We welcome the challenge of presenting new legal issues to be decided, as well as the nuances of drawing distinction with what appears to be controlling precedent.

Our expertise is shown at every level of appellate advocacy, on both civil and criminal matters, before appellate courts as well as in review of lower court decisions, administrative agency decisions and In Banc Panels. In a cost-effective manner, we will ably and effectively advocate your appeal to maximize your chances of success.