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Business and Commercial Litigation

Each business litigation matter is unique, with its own set of facts and applicable law, making preparation of paramount importance. The Ethridge Quinn business litigation attorneys work diligently to be the most prepared attorneys in the courtroom, to learn and command the facts of each case, and accurately apply the statutory law and legal precedents. Preparation frequently leads to favorable resolutions prior to trial and always ensures the best presentation of our clients’ cases to the trier of fact, whether a jury, judge, magistrate, arbitrator, or mediator.

Our clients may be plaintiffs or defendants, may be a small sole proprietorship or a large national company. Our clients may need to enforce, or defend against, claims associated with a breach of contract action, breach of fiduciary duties, pursue a derivative action or claims associated with confidentiality and non-competition clauses. No matter, Ethridge Quinn attorneys have the experience to develop a trial strategy specific for each case and continuously strive for the best possible results, always cognizant of the financial and emotional costs associated with dispute resolution through the court system.

Ethridge Quinn attorneys are also experienced as litigation mediators and are frequently called upon by their fellow attorneys or appointed by the local courts to mediate business disputes and complex commercial matters, a demonstration of our high level of respect within the legal community and local courts.