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Personal Injury Law

When you are the victim of someone else’s negligence, you are an unwilling participant in the legal system. Not only has your life changed in an instant, but oftentimes you may be physically unable to deal with the myriad of issues such as communication from insurance carriers, doctors’ appointments and lost income. Our lawyers have decades of rare experience representing both injured persons as well as previously representing the interests of insurance companies. This has enabled us to better understand the landscape and guide clients toward a targeted resolution.

The physical and financial results of a serious accident can last for years, if not a lifetime. The life changing event is often the fault of someone else, but you are the one who is injured and forced to handle the legal claim process. Many people assume that filing a personal injury claim is a fairly straightforward process. It is not. Careful attention to detail is necessary from the moment the injury occurs. What may seem like a minor or irrelevant detail or comment now can jeopardize the case later. It is in your interest to have one of our experienced lawyers on your side to recognize the nuances of personal injury claims in order to protect your interests. We have the knowledge to advise when a settlement offer is in your interest, but just as important, we have the skill and years of experience to take your case to trial if that is required to maximize your recovery.

So, why should I hire Ethridge Quinn? The short answer is that we care about and will help you. We know you are experiencing a major, traumatic life event and treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. Our clients are individuals who have entrusted us with helping them navigate a major life event. Our current clients are referrals from present clients, past clients and other lawyers. That level of trust and confidence is the greatest compliment we receive, and tells us we are doing the right thing, one client at a time.