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Traffic Violations

The lawyers at Ethridge Quinn routinely represent clients charged with traffic violations in Maryland and D.C. Courts and before the Motor Vehicle Administration.

The majority of people come into contact with the Court system through seemingly routine traffic violations. The average person may be faced with a wide variety of citations including speeding, traveling through a stop sign, driving suspended, causing an accident, hit and run, driving intoxicated or impaired, or even with auto manslaughter. All of these violations present complex legal and technical questions and will impact your ability to drive, to maintain employment, to remain insured, the costs of insurance, and in the most serious cases to maintain your freedom.

Our experienced attorneys are at your side to guide you through the legal and administrative process, to provide legal advice and access to appropriate technical experts, to investigate fully the facts associated with your charge, and, most importantly, to defend your rights, with the result of these traffic violations having as minimal an impact on your daily life as possible.