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Workers Compensation

Why should I consult Ethridge Quinn for my work injury? We care, will help you, and we know the law. We have helped thousands of injured workers across the State. Our clients are referrals from present clients, past clients and other lawyers. That level of trust and confidence tells us we are doing the right thing, one client at a time. Like our experience with personal injury matters, our lawyers have decades of experience representing injured workers, as well as the interests of insurance companies, which allows us to better understand the issues each client faces and serve our client’s needs.

The lawyers at Ethridge Quinn understand the impact of a work injury and guide you through the process, step-by-step, to pursue benefits available under the workers compensation system. The process is complex. Just because you are injured at work does not mean you will receive benefits. Injured workers sometimes think the insurance company is representing them, that a lawyer is not needed and later realize otherwise when it is too late. What if your employer denies your claim and refuses to pay benefits? Clients frequently think the decision is final. It is not. Many employees believe that the insurance company decides if a claim should be paid. It does not. Although the insurance company’s opinion does matter, the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission makes the most important decisions. The Commission is an independent unit of State government whose Commissioners hear cases in various counties on a rotating basis. The Commissioner will allow both sides to present evidence (including testimony and medical reports) and render a decision as to whether you (the Claimant) are entitled to the compensation benefits which are disputed. We will represent you before the Commission and fight to make sure your rights and benefits are maximized. Make sure you know your rights by contacting one of our lawyers.

Being hurt on the job should not cause more pain than the injury itself. Lost wages and medical care have enormous consequences on both the injured worker and their family. The legal process following the injury is often complex and overwhelming. If you feel helpless and don’t know what to do, our lawyers help minimize the chaos and guide you through the process. All you have to do is contact us.